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Comic Review: 920 London ?

Published: 1 week ago

TL;DR: Scott Pilgrim for Furries

It's a slice-of-life furry comic set in post-9/11 pre-smartphone London, about two LGBTQ emo college students who have a bed-death codependent relationship. Also, they're some kind of animal people. There's lots of Millenial signifiers: Jhonen Vasquez, Tim Burton, Johnny Urine. There's also lots of furry signifiers: the story is extremely decompressed, very slice-of-life, dripping with gender fluidity, and meandering without real plot or resolution. The story obviously comes from a very personal place, and there's lots of little bits of verisimilitude what makes this feel heartfelt and sincere. While it's unfortunate that there's almost no effort put to story-telling, that's probably not important to the core audience. 920 London is pure and uncut, a rush and not a buzz. Recommended for millenial, furries, and whatever they call "hipsters" now. 👍

Tapirclip · 1 week ago

This sounds amazing. Thank you for the recommendation (´ ω `♡)

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