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"All the talk is about Zanzibar," said Xinjinmeng, "but really, you could fit everyone standing just in New York City, alone."
"Seriously?" was the reply. "Not stacked on top of each other?"
Xin removed some bubble wrap. "With plenty of room to spare."
"What about three dimensions?"
"Oh much smaller if you stacked them, like in a custom building." She tossed the wrap aside; she wondered who could feel compelled to fidget with such stuff, making so many unpleasant noises. "Only about one click to a side, and change."
"And could that be seen from space?"
Xin pause"Not really, no."
Xin sighed, wistfully. "Yes, still...."
"You think about this a lot, don't you?"
"Don't you?"
"That's not an answer."
Xin sighed, not so wistfully. "Ask me after I have replaced the broken chair."

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