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Well, first things first. My name as you can see is Xseric Hiems. Am not an artist, am just a guy who loves drawing stuff.

I love:


-Listening to music

-Hang out with fiends

-Play videogames

-Feeding my cat (am his slave)


-Watching movies.

P.S.: I speak english, spanish, Na'vi (no one speaks this thing it´s a fictional languaje ._. ) and bad words.


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A mysterious and dark-sided at points but is usually a calm person. ...
24/05/2016 16:02

Feral Xseric

24/05/2016 15:02


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Xseric posted

20/06/2016 02:29

Everyone has some favorite videos, but, am I the only who doesn't want to watch them again because they revive tons of feelings? Sometimes I love those feelings and sometimes I hate them and I can't understand why. Confusing shit in my mind.

Xseric posted

01/06/2016 16:27

Please start giving ideas for a drawing, I'll be having some free time and I want to draw something, anything.  

Xseric posted

01/06/2016 02:05

Another forgettable post.

For reasons like work n' stuff I wasn't able to check furiffic,but when I finally got a chance to give a check there where notifications of my two favorite artists in this place: Felia Direcoon and Neonmonster.

There's something about their art that I just love. The reason? The meaning? The shapes? God only knows.

Neonmonster · 01/06/2016 04:07

That actually made me cry ♥

Felia Direcoon · 01/06/2016 15:26

Awe! Thank you so much ♥ I never thought my art was good enough to be one of someones favorites!

Xseric posted

26/05/2016 22:40

I've just arrived home and after a shower I immediately browse furiffic.  Am getting addicted to it, isn't it?

Xseric posted

25/05/2016 14:43

Am starting to love this place.  It's pretty cool it has great people and impressive art. Two of my favorite things.

Xseric posted

24/05/2016 17:06

Why do i still posting? i dunno.

Anyway, am looking foward to upload a watercolor painting-sketch-stuff... yeah.

Xseric posted

24/05/2016 16:54

Another post that maybe fades into the oblivion.

I love that you can have a background image. Great job Furiffic :).

Xseric posted

24/05/2016 15:31

This site is growing fastly! I´ve just reload the page and BAM more users!

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