XxBayBayxX the Zombie winged wolf goat is feeling Loved
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Forever my loving soul mate. He is my everything~



| Larabaybay Fuzzybutt |

| Female |

| Zombie Winged Goat Wolf |

| 16 years old |

| Taken |

| Kansas Fur |


| Hello! I'm Larabaybay! |

| I'm also known as The Pineapple Rebel |

| Please call me BayBay, or Rebel! |

| I'm a digital Anthro artist! |

| I sometimes do feral and traditional |

| I'm nice, odd, and random!~ |

| I have more forms, such as otter or raptor~ |


Trades/Request Info

I DO take requests and trades!

I am very nice, so just ask me!


My Fa

My Weasyl


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Species: tiger
Artist Type: anthro artist
Mood: mellow
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Species: dog
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: drained
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posted to XxBayBayxX

03/02/2014 17:24

and for some reason i didnt get a notification for your comment! D: still workin on the bugs ^.^ ill inbox you about it, ta mate<3

Zombi_Rat posted to XxBayBayxX

02/02/2014 13:18

Thanks so much for the fave my lovely <3

Marisma posted to XxBayBayxX

29/01/2014 21:09

Thanks for the Sub! Much appreciated!

posted to XxBayBayxX

25/01/2014 00:05

hey i know you! you follow me on weasyl too, thanks for the sub here also ^.^<3
i couldnt help but notice the "I DO take requests and trades! I am very nice, so just ask me!" on your profile here - would i be a lil shit if like, perhaps asked for a wee request, if youre not busy? ^//^

XxConvelxX posted to XxBayBayxX

19/01/2014 23:51

Hello, My Love~ <3 I woulda posted a journal here too, but they Don't have it made yet~ <3 Any way, I love you greatly, and I can't wait for our future to come true. Which it will, I promise on my life, Dear~ <3

Sniffeh posted to XxBayBayxX

18/01/2014 03:55

Thanx 4 da watch

XxBayBayxX posted

17/01/2014 18:40

You're welcome! Love your gallery!

TheWickedGypsy posted to XxBayBayxX

17/01/2014 18:18

Thanks for subscribing!

Sin posted to XxBayBayxX

17/01/2014 18:03

Thanks for subscribing! ^^

XxBayBayxX posted

17/01/2014 17:42

You are very welcome~ <3

Zombi_Rat posted to XxBayBayxX

17/01/2014 17:37

Thank you for the sub my lovely <3

Kangy lionheart posted to XxBayBayxX

17/01/2014 11:12

thanks for the Subscribe ^^

Natasha posted to XxBayBayxX

16/01/2014 00:39

thanks for the sub!

XxBayBayxX posted

15/01/2014 22:21

Hehe! <3

XxConvelxX posted to XxBayBayxX

15/01/2014 22:19


XxBayBayxX posted

15/01/2014 19:31


XxBayBayxX posted

15/01/2014 18:01

~meeps and looks at you~ Yesh, yesh you did. o.o I ish not hard to fiiind~

GoldenEmotions posted to XxBayBayxX

15/01/2014 16:10

Hey there,
Thanks a lot for the sub, I really appreciate it! :D

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