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Hello! I have no clue why your here for I am not an artist but a art-looker.


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21/12/2017 12:49


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Madame Sparx posted to XxRedFoxxX

03/01/2018 23:26

Thank you for subscribing! 

XxRedFoxxX · 03/01/2018 23:43

your welcome! your art is amazing!

Madame Sparx · 03/01/2018 23:47 · 2 Replies

XxRedFoxxX · 03/01/2018 23:49

that is so good and cute 0_0. how do you do stuff like that (like post it in a message)

Madame Sparx · 03/01/2018 23:51

Thank you! You work on a clear background image that is 500x500 in length and height, I reccommend Medibang Paint Pro for this. Your work will be small and pixelly, but you can upload it on here, as well as Telegram, as a stickers pack. Maybe I'll make a tutorial in the future.

XxRedFoxxX · 03/01/2018 23:53 · 1 Reply

i guess you could. i joined this website because i saw a picture. now i see i can roleplay and a bunch of other stuff. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE

Madame Sparx · 03/01/2018 23:54

It's a good one. And unlike some other... Art sites, staff are active and very helpful.

XxRedFoxxX · 03/01/2018 23:59 · 1 Reply

yeah and dumb stuff like... "porn" are not allowed. some websites dont to anything to help and let people post porn

Madame Sparx · 04/01/2018 00:39

Actuallllyyyy, a lot of my gallery is porn xD This site allows it. There are guidelines that must be followed, however. I follow them to the best of my ability. Almost all are marked as Adult in rating.

XxRedFoxxX · 04/01/2018 01:51 · 1 Reply


Madame Sparx · 04/01/2018 01:55

I'm supposing you're a minor or new to the furry fandom...? XD

XxRedFoxxX · 04/01/2018 01:59

yeah sorta, though i'm not a furry

XxRedFoxxX · 04/01/2018 01:59 · 1 Reply

just looking for some good art

Madame Sparx · 04/01/2018 02:00

Ahhhh. Makes sense. You won't find a whole lot of fan art and such, on here. Primarily, it's original characters and more adult oriented work. Welcome to Furiffic, btw!

XxRedFoxxX · 04/01/2018 13:28 · 1 Reply

aw tanks (yes i purposely misspelled it)

Madame Sparx · 04/01/2018 14:06

Not a problem at all! (Oh my)

XxRedFoxxX · 04/01/2018 14:10


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