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Patreon Stream this Sunday + News

Hey there everyone![lb] [lb] So first up is my schedule
6 months ago
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8 months ago
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Good news: Desks! Bad news: Rick is gone :(

Hey there everyone,[lb] [lb] It's been a hectic week
9 months ago

Stream moved to Monday this week + Desks!

Hey there everyone![lb] [lb] So Leo and I are getting new desks! :D[lb] [lb] The downside is that means this weekend's normally scheduled stream will be postponed until Monday, since I'm going to be spending most of Saturday driving down to Oregon to pick up the supplies for the new desks and setting them up
9 months ago


9 months ago

Patreon Reward Tier Changes

Hey there everyone![lb] [lb] I've made some changes to my Patreon reward tiers to make it more accessible to people
10 months ago

$20/hr Commission Stream Tomorrow

Just a reminder everyone![url=https://www
10 months ago


[center]Hey there everyone! Big news update this time around! 🔶[b]==============COMMISSIONS==============[/b]🔶 My July commissions are open for non-discord and non-patrons! As always, my commission list is opened first to Patrons and discord users, and second to the general public
10 months ago

Commissions for June are Open!

Hey there everyone! My commissions for June are open! I will be taking 4 slots this month, and if I have time after I finish those 4 I will open more
11 months ago

My patreon is now live!

My patreon is now live! You can go here to see it: [url]http://patreon
13/05/2018 20:27
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Picarto is down

Sorry everyone! I meant to do a stream tonight but Picarto
11/05/2018 02:21
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The newest Windows update has broken Huion drivers
14/04/2018 21:20

Commissions for March are Closed

Hey everyone, So my real life work has been more hectic than originally anticipated, and it has been cutting into my time for working on commissions
24/02/2018 04:15

So it Turns out Postybirb allows journals

So you all bet I'm gonna abuse the hell out of it
18/02/2018 21:33

Streaming Commissions Today!

Hey everyone, I'll be streaming commissions today! [url]https://picarto
17/02/2018 18:38