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Artist Type: Traditional Artist

I am just your average furry artist and writer. I am also a gamer and a cartoon and anime fan.

I hope to publish my writing into a novel someday and get better at my art.

Besides having an enjoyment of drawing and writing furries, science-fiction and fantasy related things, I also enjoy adult-themes and I even have a few fetishes such as bestiality, cub, lolicon, shotacon, (though I'd never act on the first three in person), hyper and a very mild watersports fetish. I am also in a closed and permanent relationship with my current boyfriend who is in England.

If you want to get to know me, don't be shy, I am generally a friendly person so I wouldn't mind meeting new people.


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Night Rose

Female · Alicorn · Bisexual · Cancer
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Nicknames Night, Rose, Rosie, Rosa
My ponysona and one of my main OC's in general.
05/12/2017 10:56


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