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sykaeh posted to Yoshiknight2

10/11/2016 21:51

Thanks for the fave!

Yoshiknight2 · 11/11/2016 05:15

Your very welcome.

Ylveerax posted to Yoshiknight2

19/09/2016 12:27

Thanks for the fave! 

Yoshiknight2 · 20/09/2016 03:36

Your very welcome.

Bran posted to Yoshiknight2

15/07/2016 15:07

How come you have so many awesome submissions but not enough subbs Q~Q you need more

Yoshiknight2 · 16/07/2016 05:55

That's a good question.

Verona posted to Yoshiknight2

27/05/2016 12:43

Thank you for the fav!  [emot=22]

Yoshiknight2 · 28/05/2016 04:21

Your very welcome.

Colliefan posted to Yoshiknight2

22/05/2016 17:09

Hello Yoshi, welcome to furiffic.

I'm glad you made an account here too.

Yoshiknight2 · 22/05/2016 21:35

Thank you. I liked this site a lot!

Colliefan · 22/05/2016 22:03

You're welcome, I'm glad I recommended it to you.