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A finished drawing from February 2015.

A fanart of Mewtwo from the video game "Pokémon".

Mewtwo was walking in a dark realm. Looking around trying to find a way to get out of there. And figuring out "Who am I?" & "What am I?. And what his purpose in life is. Almost given up hope. He found a flower. Not just any flower. A spectrum flower. Curious he was. He went towards it. And pick it up. Examine it. To see how nice & beautiful colors it has. Until it started to brighten up into rainbow colors. Filling the whole entire room. Then Mewtwo realizes that he started remember everything. From past to present life. Even knowing "Who he was." & "What he was." And remembers what his purposes in life was. That's when he knew that the spectrum flower is also a memory flower. Given the ability to have people & Pokémon. To remember who they really are.

A little story I've made up.

Had this in my drawing folders since December 2014. So I thought I might as well start coloring it. And upload it to show my watchers.

Been wanting to put some rainbow colors in my drawings for a while. Just to practice on my "PrismaColor Premier Color Pencils". I think it turned out well.

Hope you like it!

Mewtwo © Nintendo

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