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A finished drawing from February 2015.

A fanart of Mewtwo from "Pokémon".

"Don't let your moods control you. You control your moods." - Mom

On Valentine's Day my mom gave me a card which really got to me. She wrote in their some really nice words. Including the part above. That got me to understand myself a little more. It also inspire me to draw this fanart of Mewtwo. There will be days where I would get upset. And I try to move on. Though its really tough to somedays. Because of living with a family that worries about the simplest things. While we should be worrying about the complex stuff. But what can I do. It happens.

I drew this thinking whenever I get upset or angry. I think of myself being Mewtwo and just letting out my frustration. Just to let myself be free of problems.

I'm trying out something new in my drawings again. Doing different shadings to see how it works out. I think it turned out well.

Hope you like it!

Mewtwo © Nintendo

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