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Greetings and Meetings!

Hello! I'm Yuki!

You might know me formerly as 'Misei', and I thought I should properly introduce myself. Greetings! I'm Yuki, I've been victim of Depression since my teenage years, which caused me to fall into multiple online abusive relationships. I've had terrible insecurities my whole childhood and adulthood, and am diagnosed with Adult ADHD as a chemical imbalance in my brain. This caused me to develop Borderline Personality Disorder and an ERRAY of mental disabilities due to stress. But mostly, what didn't make it any better was the abusive online relationship I rolled myself into when I was...-counts-19? 20ish... I can't remember well exactly. I'm 26 now btw. But I remember MEETING him back so many years and dating online, which lead to RL, which lead to a mess. Anyways I haven't been myself since and I'm taking control of my life again! So this is why I'm starting over on a new account, with a new 'old' Sona and the place where I will now be uploading my personal work, commissions, and every tidbit of information that includes my real life. My family and closest friends will be related to Yuki and his fans as well as fans of my art are welcome to join and interact with me. 

It took me a while to break out of the prison built around me, but I managed! I'm starting anew and separating RL from RP properly. It got mangled along the way because of all the wrong information I was being fed, but I made my own opinion of things and finally managed to see the picture clearly. 

Anyways, I'm free from my mental prisons and can finally focus on my passions again, ART! 

I quit FA, and will be removing all of my art from FA, because FA doesn't care for it's users and artists. I've been submitting tickets through all of January 2016, and nothing was done to stop the harassment that I suffered on FA. No one took the time or attention to deal with the problem at hand, and left the culprit the time to run off, after his flaming, and nothing was done to protect me on the site. Even though I clearly explained that this is a toxic, abusive cycle that has been going on for SEVEN YEARS! I was aware of what was going on, I KNEW what was happening and what the culprit was doing. I explained the whole situation from start to finish WITH screenshot proofs of the evidence towards the assault I suffered, and also sent the link to a note, on the account in which it was sent! And nothing was done so far, except for a few journals being removed, and the person getting a slap on the wrist.

How is this fair? 

Even though the person clearly stated they would NOT stop stalking me on FA, even though I dislike it.

Shame on you FA.


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