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If you want something from what I've just posted up, let me know in the comments or note me about my prices and payment methods.

I prefer paypal, and the currency to be in USD.

All my commissions will be closed and unavailable after February 12th.

I'm moving, I was evicted from my apartment so my room-mate, Master and I are moving into a home on January 31rst, and I'd like to make as much money as possible so we can settle in and have a fresh start! I suffer from Anxiety, stress, and depression often, and have a lot of emotional turmoil which I'm currently going through. Which makes it really hard for me to perform under pressure, RIGHT NOW. But things will be way better later.

All commissions will be started on the 12th, as soon as I finish gathering my load, and will be taken down gradually...I'm also hoping to be able to at least get a better computer so I can work better.

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