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New Theme Song -

And full Japanese version with English subs -

I default under Skype. If you want to add me, zachbear21 is me!

My f-list for those curious.

Now about myself. I am a Polar Bear. I love fish, I love cooking, I love being outdoors, swimming, Japanese culture and SO many other things. I am a photographer, a writer and a super novice artist. I have a lot going on in my life. But I will, slowly, update this at some point.


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My Fursona's. The main, the many, the meanings

Hello everyone! So this journal is to explain afew things, including why I am gonna have so many fursona's. There is alot of people out there who hate the idea of more than one fursona, including myself, especially when they don't quite add up, don't suit the person behind the sona, or the sona ...
16/08/2015 00:35


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Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English

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Drako Swiftclaw

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Duo Theus posted to Zachary Quinlan

17/08/2015 17:01

 Thanks for the faves and subscription mate

Zachary Quinlan · 18/08/2015 03:24

No problem! I hear you like butts. You should take a look through my art then XD 

Duo Theus · 18/08/2015 17:45

 I do enjoy butts, yes I do, lots of fun, woo woo woo

Rurik posted to Zachary Quinlan

16/08/2015 04:06

Thanks for the faves! Welcome to the site :3 

Zachary Quinlan · 16/08/2015 06:56

No problem. I like butts. And thanks! Though.. No clue how I got such an invite, but glad I did. Hope to help build this place up.. Somehow lol 

Rurik posted to Zachary Quinlan

16/08/2015 04:06

Thanks for the faves! Welcome to the site :3 

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