ZackLoup the Coydog
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Charlie is an adventurer at heart. He has been all over the world. He carries himself as if he's a man of wealth and great importance, but in reality he has very little money to his name but he likes to keep up a reputation that makes people believe he's powerful. The only things he really owns are his small ship, a few suits, and a sword. He's often seen with his lady, Lucy Mongoosey, whom he met during his travels.

Charlie is my "fursona", but he's not quite me; he's aspects of what I'd like to be, but also aspects of what I am. His story is by no means based on my own life.

Extra Details

Charlie has a mild southern drawl when he speaks, but tries his best to hide it.

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Extra Attributes

Charlie is a hodgepodge of canine genetics. He's mostly coyote with a smattering of sighthound and wolf thrown in. His appearance is rather feral, but he has long silky fur and a slender muzzle owing to sighthound heritage.

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A dapper coydog adventurer with a questionable moral code.

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