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Fursuit Commissions OPEN!

Published: 9 months ago

In celebration of the opening of our new site, we are offering $100 off the first 2 full suit commissions and $50 off the first 2 partial suit commissions placed through the site. For examples of our work and pricing estimates, head over to We have limited spots available, so come take a look!

Hey hey! We are now officially open for commissions! Full, partial, and pieces! There is 2 queues. 1 for full and partial and another for pieces. Both have 1 active slot and 2 on the wait list. I, Zahrah, cannot carve foam so I will not be doing any type of padding. I could possibly do polyfil padding, but I have not tried it yet and I would like to test it on a suit of my own before a commission. If you would like a partial, you can always come back for the body later.

I also cannot carve head or foot bases, but there are plenty of wonderful options including a paw base that is very similar to our style. We even have options for custom head bases by Sethaa so if you don't see what you're looking for, we can talk to them about it. You can link to whichever one you want in the quote sheet. You can also choose which things we use from DVC or you can leave that up to us. Some things can't be used with certain bases, but it's always good to give options.

All commissioners must read my terms of service. This is important. We have certain things that need to be known including charging extra if we have to fix DTDs. Please make sure you read it. If you have any questions, please feel free to note us or email at To get the active slot, you must have half the amount ready. For the wait list, you have to have $50 and a quote from me. The $50 is refundable and you can cancel at any time before we get to you on the wait list. If not cancelled, we will subtract $50 from the first half of your commission. Suits can take 3-4 months to make so this gives extra time to save. Suits will not ship until fully paid.

By commissioning, you are helping us escape Florida. Living in this state has been terrible for us financially, physically, and emotionally. We're trying to get to Idaho where we will be in the area of the US we want to be in, be near family, and where we found was the best option to escape to that fits our criteria. Gizmo's got one more class before getting his first degree in the fall, then we're gonna try and be out of Florida in April. If you want to help, you can commission, share, or donate to our ko-fi or Thank you! =)

Full starts at $1500. Partials start at $1000. Other prices on the site. Quality is top priority. We do not do rush orders.
Full and Partial Queue: 1 Active Open, 2 Waitlist Open.
Pieces Queue: 1 Active Open, 2 Waitlist Open
All information can be found through our website:
Note: If you don't have a reference sheet, please talk to us. We can also do colored sketch references for $25. That also gets subtracted from the price of the suit and you basically get a free reference. =)

All base options are linked on the quote page of our site. We have so much to choose from! =)

If you know of another base you'd like used, feel free to ask about it! Thank you all and I look forward to being able to make fursuits again!

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