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Eowin now known as Sangrel and belongs to MadHouseMindWorks over at FA.

I remade Gizmo's head with a jawset made by me and casted by him and got
rid of Monoyasha's crappy eyes and replaced them with ours. She had
said she couldn't make eyes with bigger LED's, but we managed to make
them with bigger LED's AND have them light up the way we wanted. Her
LED's failed because they came out multiple times and then the leads
broke. We will never buy eyes from her again. We also managed to put in
his LED whiskers and get the gear made on his back. :)

My suit is a partial. I have arm sleeves and leg sleeves, but they need
elastic. My suit features resin dragon claws, resin canine claws, small
resin spikes on the handpaws, resin lower jaw, and two resin snaggle
teeth 18 small resin horns on the head, 2 larger spikes on the nose,
three going back along the head, and clay horns at the top of the head
reinforced with resin all made by us. She also has a big tail that was
supposed to move with my body, but it didn't work out so well so we
ditched the idea so she has a foam noodle and a little bit of stuffing
making her tail extremely light.

The fennec head was made by me and auctioned off at $150 with a free
tail. Let's just say I'm removing 2D eyes from my options unless it's

Picture taken by sangre-maki at FA.

Suits by us.

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