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So this is almost all the suits I've made since 2010 excluding Gizmo's replacement head, Sangrel, and our new suits made this year. Obviously I still need a bit of practice, but strides have been made and quality is improving. ♥

2010 - My first suit ever. She's terrible and kept falling apart while I was wearing her. I learned a lot from it though.
2011 - Gizmo was the first person I ever made a suit for other than myself. He's lasted years with minor fixes. He has been retired.
2012 - The dragon was my first ever commission and a horror story. Mistakes were made. The fox was a recovery. He was done pretty well at the time. I haven't heard anything about him since. Nero the serval wasn't my best, but I learned a lot from him as well. His head was retired, but as far as I know, the rest is still in use. Tunny was a fun one. I got to experiment with velcro for different colored hair. The black wolf was fairly simple, I learned I shouldn't be afraid to alter a shape after it's been furred. He turned out pretty well and was sent to Germany. I haven't heard if he's been used in a long time.
2013 - This fox had a lot of firsts. He has LEDs in his ears, eyes, and fiber optic whiskers. Also a first for digi. Kerrie was my first realistic head since Gizmo's and I'm not really happy with it. I believe I remade Gizmo's head and made Eowin after this. My old Zahrah suit was a huge improvement. I learned never to attempt a skin tight suit with something that doesn't stretch and to add more to the arms a legs when cutting the fur.
2014 - This was sort of a slow year. I made Kerrie a new head that was toony instead. Learned that detached jaws actually work for me(sometimes). The dragon was a test to see if I wanted to do realistic again and I have decided that I'm not ready yet.
2015 - What a busy year! Within 5 months I made 2 cosplay costumes, 1 commissioned partial, and 2 full fursuits with digi. The commissioned partial was Tech. My first ever skunk and my highest quality suit so far. Coming up are mine and my husband's new suits. I need my leg to get better though ^^;

I'm hoping to continue in 2016! ^.^

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