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Growing up he did not have many if any friends. A lot of kids considered him weird because of how he looked or acted and was lonely during elementary school because of that. A few years later when he was starting high school, a chance encounter led to a tight friendship that he had never experienced. Before he knew only of acquaintances, but now someone liked him for who he is. Soon another friend was made and this kept happening and more and more were gained. Still, Zander knew that he wasn't normal on the outside or in his head. He only met one person that he could relate to but she left to live her life. Now hes a freshman in college and he is experiencing new things. Along with the other things that made him unique there was one more special trait that he wasn't aware of quite yet.

The Discovery:

One day while flying home, he heard a scream from the ground. When he turned to look he saw a rather "fetching" young female wolf getting cornered by dangerous looking gang of thugs. Within the gang were what looked like 3 members and a leader. The leader was a mean looking Red dragon wearing a leather jacket, a nose ring, sunglasses and beat up blue jeans. His lackeys wearing basically the same thing were a lion, a tiger, and a bear. "oh my" he thought to himself. He knew he had to help her some how. He flew down as quick as he could and landed between the gang and the damsel. Zander was armed with nothing but a pocket knife. "Oh what do we have here" the leader taunted. "take a look boys, it looks like we got ourselves a hero". "tell me google freak, what do you plan to do against the 4 of us. All he did was scowl at the leader and look at the girl. "Um let me think" he snapped. "um how about.... nothing" turn to the girl and said softly "you better hold on tight". He then took the girl in his arms, slipped his goggles on, and took off flying. "Thank you so much for saving me" she thanked "no problem" i replied . so why where they after you anyhow?""Well, i was just walking home when those creeps took one look at me and catcalled. Obviously, i kept on walking and i realized that i was being followed. So i started to run. Then suddenly out of no where the dragon guy lands in front of me. so i took off down the alley not realizing it was a dead end. My back was cornered and i screamed and that is when you arrived." "Wow" he said sorry for her "I'm sorry you had to go through that. From now on though you should walk with a friend. A girl with a nice body like yours *he looks down at her and jokingly bounces his eyebrows" should not walk alone." "hehe" she chuckled. "well if you could drop me off at a bus stop or something that would be great" "nonsense" he protested "i can just take you home, i can fly after all" Well OK" she agreed blushing "Before you do can you tell me your name, I'm Anna" "Well hiya" he replied with a smile "well fair maden i go by the name of Zander nice to meet.......OOOOF." Zander was struck in the back by something and was heading toward the ground. There was not enough time to pull up so he quickly shifted his back to the ground and wrapped him and Anna in his wings so he could cushion the impact for her. They hit the ground with a smack creating quite a rut in the dirt. Zander unwrapped his wings "Are you ok Anna?" he asked. "yes im fine but what about you" she said caring "ow, well i probably have to stay off my left wing for a while but other than that I'm fine". "You really thought you could steal her from me goggle freak!" a voice said threateningly. Zander turned to see the leader alone "aw crap" he thought to himself. "Why cant you just leave her alone" Zander demanded. "Well for one shes a dime, for two she flipped me off and spat at me." the leader explained. Zander turned to give a concerned look at Ann. 'what?? he cat called me, do you know how annoying that gets? I'm a wolf for crying out loud." Anna justified. "well if they look really dangerous you might not want to aggravate them next time!" Zander replied. "Hand her over," he demanded. You know I'm twice as strong as you so save you self the trouble." "Uh let me think about" Zander shouted. "Why you little...." the leader yelled. The leader suddenly pulled a knife and angrily charged at Zander. He reach for his own knife but to his surprise he realized it was gone "it must have fallen out of my vest in the crash" he thought annoyed. It was then he knew he had to fight for him and Anna lives. Zander suddenly felt something trigger inside of him. His light blue eyes turned fire red and he felt energy rush through his body. He suddenly prepared to through a punch and out of instinct he threw fire right out of his finger tips. The fire zoomed through the air toward the thug. The leader took off into the air. "What the hell!!!, who the fuck are you!!" the leader questioned angrily. *Zander clenched his fist" Zander showed a confident smirk "The name is Zander!" he shouted" "Zander ...X ...Dragonwolf!" He felt the energy again "now GET...*he prepared an attack* THE HELL *He charged it like a Kamihamiha* AWAY FROM US!" He then shot a massive fireball toward the leader. "Stupid Goggle Freak" the leader mumbled as he retreated. Now the break of dusk, Zander then walked Anna home who was still amazed at what just happened. Once there Anna thanked him "thanks again for saving my life" she then kissed him on the mouth, slipped him her number and then walked inside. Zander stood there speechless. "ok a recap of today" he thought, " Got an B on my first finite test, acquired powers i apparently already had, and then got my first kiss and maybe a girlfriend." Zander gave a victories smile. "And all i got in exchange was a broken wing and i lost my knife. Yeah, I'm ok with that trade, Plus the wing will heal anyway"
He then walked home overjoyed, except that he lost his favorite knife."


1.78 Meters · 5 Feet, 10.07 Inches


100.7Kg · 15 Stone, 12 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Type



Average with some muscle

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First off hes my very own creation. so if he were real he'd be just like me. He'd be a Kind, funny, weird, caring, fun, sweet, nerdy and game loving guy with Aspergers and ADHD who loves his friends and hates to hurt people but will to protect his friends.(the only reason he has because i do) hes handsome even though hes never seen him self as it but has been told so.

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