Zazi the Hyena is feeling Productive
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 Hello, hello!

I am Zazi, a Horned Hyena (an unoriginal mutant kinda-species created by me)

I am most active on Furaffinity

I'm branching out to new Furry sites to show off my art and make some friends!

Some stuff about me:

Birth date: November 25th, 1994

Gender: Neutral, I present androgynously. If you're referring to me, they/them pronouns work wonderfully.

Orientation: Pansexual.

Relationship status: Taken since September 12th, 2011 ♥

Place of residence: Maine, USA.

Favorite food: Sushi, eel is preferred.

Favorite drink: Coffee.

What I draw:

All kinds of anthro things





Game fanart

Random creatures I think up

Bondage-type stuff

I draw things ranging from a General rating to Adult

What I don't draw:

Poop stuff

Non-consensual stuff

Adult stuff containing underage characters

Adult stuff containing characters from children's media

My fursona (Zazi) in adult situations (don't do it! It's creepy :/)

Barf fetishes

Gas fetishes

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, go ahead and talk to me! I'm pretty friendly!


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Uh, hi!

Just found out about this place, so I'm going to try it out! I'm used to Furaffinity's layout, so bear with me! I'm uploading a few of my favorite pieces for now (instead of uploading my entire gallery on FA, that would be nuts!), let them serve as my kind-of portfolio! So hi, I'm new. Not to ...
15/08/2015 01:19


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