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Uh, hi!

Published: 15/08/2015 01:19

 Just found out about this place, so I'm going to try it out!

I'm used to Furaffinity's layout, so bear with me!

I'm uploading a few of my favorite pieces for now (instead of uploading my entire gallery on FA, that would be nuts!), let them serve as my kind-of portfolio!

So hi, I'm new. Not to the fandom, but new to this site. You may have (but probably not) seen me on FA, Weasyl, SoFurry, Inkbunny, or Tumblr as I'm on there too.

Bun Fluffpaws · 15/08/2015 03:23 · 2 Replies

Heya and welcome to Furiffic, hope you are finding your way around ok.

Zazi · 15/08/2015 03:25

 Slowly but surely! Thanks!

Bun Fluffpaws · 15/08/2015 03:28

Awesome, if you have any issues dont hesitate to send us feedback and we can see what can be improved 

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