Zin Stone the Licholf is feeling Bitchy
Artist Type: Art Whore

 Some important things about me: 
 I suffered from childhood abuse. And as a result I do have problems. 
 I have PTSDMajor Depressive Disorder, and Extreme Agoraphobia so I can be VERY antisocial. So please don't take it personally. 
 I don't trust a lot of people, but I do have some very close and trusted friends. 

 Zin is 50% Lion, 15% Cheetah and 35% Wolf. 
 Zin is the light red-ish colored Licholf hanging around my gallery. She is also my fursona. ♥ 
 Wanna know more about my hybrid species? 
 Take a look at Zin's F-list (NSFW) 


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MFF Artist Marketplace Soon!

Hey guys![lb] Come see us at the artist marketplace this coming weekend! O:
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Zin Stone posted

20/03/2018 16:50

Heck, I totally forgot about this site. But I'm back! :D

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