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 Valencia Whitethorne
Dusk Orchid Faerie Dragon

5'4" 122 lbs

Valencia was once Slate's longtime girlfriend. She is cunning, manipulative, and actually quite dangerous, and borders on psychopathy, Despite her outward angelic and innocent demeanour. No one would have guessed, though, because all through high school, she was a member of the honour society, a star athlete both on the soccer and volleyball teams, and was even class valedictorian. Valencia is a faerie dragon, and while most faerie dragons are usually famous for being good-natured, she tends to be self serving, often using her beauty and her guile and even her magic to subdue her (many) lovers and use them to get what she wants, one way or another.

Valencia and Slate met on the first day of the ninth grade. They’d both come to a new school, and at the time, they were nearly inseparable. They did everything together, and she was Slate’s muse- She was even the reason he began playing piano, and broadening his musical ability.At that point, she was in love with him.
That was, until a year later, when she learned about the “underground” of the school, and got involved with their ranks. After she was "initiated" (basically losing her virginity to to the captain of the swim team) she was never the same. Valencia broke it off with Slate after she had been cheating on him with three others, right before he would have asked her to go the Prom with him. Slate wasn’t quite the same, either.

A few months after they’d broken up, Slate came into contact with her, and he was forced into having relations with her again, not from his own will. By this time, Valencia seemed to be addicted to sex, and would get what she wanted whether her quarry wanted to make love or not. After Gran had learned that her grandson had been forced into the situation, the police got involved, and Valencia was ran out of town. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

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