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This black and tan irish marked chap is for Sura over on sofurry I hope you like him :3

Rumi Sonqo's are a hairless warrior mastiff, a breed of my own invention. They are not free to create so please do not make your own without permission, more info on them can be found here:

If you would like one then keep an eye on my account for adopt sheets, or you can request a custom design. A ref sheet like this is just £5 and you can anthropomophise them, yiff with them, do whatever you wish once they are in your possession :3

Info at a glance:
These guys are enormous mastiffs who are hairless except for the ridge of hair on their backs. Their ears are round because they are cropped that way.

Rumi Sonqo is inca for 'heard heated' but this breed is also known as the Inca warrior dog. These are molosser type dogs and the breed is as ancient as the xolo's, they have been around for at least 2000 years.

Brief physical overview:
Large dogs. (the same size and weight brackets as an english mastiff.
Height: Males from 30 inches, Females from 27 inches
Weight: Males about 160 pounds, Females about 150 pounds (heavier and larger dogs are not unknown or penalised, but are uncommon)
Muscular dogs which look strong and intimidating, they are very muscular and have thick bones and very large paws.
Strong hick body with only slight tuck up.
sabre tail.
hairless except for the mohawk on the back.
Males have a mohawk running from the back of their head to the base of their tail.
Females have a mohawk starting between their shoulder blades running to the base of the tail.
Very tough skin.
Head type: lagre muscular square head with thick well muscled cheeks and a well defined stop. Muzzle should be bulky and square with close fitting lips. Slight underbite is accepted. Overbite/over loose flews are a fault. Eyes should be small and intense.
Ears: natural ears resemble the ears of bullmastiff's and are small and neat triangles which hang close to the head. Cropped ears are only cropped into the rounded 'jaguar' style which was designed by the inca's to emulate the fierce look of the most fearsome wild predators they knew. (pointed cropped ears are a fault in the show ring.)
this breed is about high contrast, the most desirable dogs have skin colour that is set off by a mohawk and eyes in a colour at the opposite end of the spectrum eg: a black dog with a white mohawk and blue eyes, or a white dog with a black mohawk and deep brown eyes.)

Brief description of breed history:
These dogs were used by the Inca's for various different tasks. They were used as fighting dogs, for pulling carts, guard dogs, and as dogs of war. They were trained to run into battle before their masters and take down the enemy without killing them so that they could later be used for human sacrifice. This usually involved wrapping their jaws around the opposing humans throat and sitting on their chest to subdue them. The dog fights between these dogs were not particularly bloody (despite the inca's bloodthirsty nature) as the dogs were highly prized as war dogs and for drafting and so they were trained to fight without killing the other dog. Occasionally in special ceremonies these dogs were also sacrificed to the gods.

Brief description of personality:
These dogs are determined, stubborn and very intelligent. they can be very strong willed but are fiercely loyal and are a little aloof with strangers. They mature at the age of 12 months and grow very quickly, up till this age they are very playful and learn very easily, past this age they tend to be very placid though obviously as in any breed there are exceptions. They are not especially over energetic once they have matured, and are generally content with one long walk a day.

These are NOT a free to create breed, if you would like one (either as an anthro or a feral char) you can buy a custom design from me :3 DO NOT make your own.

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