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Uploaded 02/02/2017 16:48

Another amzing commission done Akaikosh

Tyra the terror bird belongs to Akaikosh

Zyon (the black dragon) belongs to me

original can be found and faved here http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22304497/

Zyon decided to go out for a stroll by the river near his cave. as he continued to walk his stomach started to growl he really wasn't in the mood for fish acknowledging he was but the river which had plenty of large tasty fish to eat but he was looking for something rather much larger prey to satisfy his hunger. As he continued down the he came to a halt as he saw a kelenken "terror bird" hes stomach growls again as he licks hes jaws he had found a nice large feathery meal he could consume.

As he slowly began walking all so quietly closer to the bird while Tyra "the terror bird" was drinking water from the river starting she started to feel uneasy as if someone was watching her. It was already too late for Tyra as she picked her head out of the stream to survey the area she felt a warm breath on her neck as she slowly looked behind her she saw a large black dragon standing right behind her. stunned in fear as Zyon stares at his prey he said to Tyra "you look tasty" as he licks his jaws then Tyra tried to make a run for to out run the large dragon but she did not stray too far while she was running acknowledging the dragon was right behind her she ran into a dead end with no way out. 

Tyra didn't see Zyon anywhere she "sighed in relief" but her moment of safety came to an end as Zyon swooped down from the sky and land right in front of Tyra as she stood there frozen in fear with no where to run. Zyon pinned her to the ground with his "right paw" as he move his head closer to his prey to get a better look he gave her a "lick" to have a taste of his prey. Tyra struggled to get Zyon's paw of her but it wasn't working Zyon quickly lunges forward to begin consuming hes prey whole her head was in Zyon's moist throat as began to gulp a swallow her a slow as he could to savour his meal Tyra tried fighting back but it wasn't really working out half way down his gullet Zyon took another gulp pushing her further down Tyra's head was inside hes stomach.

All that was left was her foot hanging out of Zyon's maw with one last slurp Zyon gulped Tyra down his gullet landing her inside Zyon's stomach where she will soon be digested. Zyon lets out a burp an out came Tyra's necklace she wore around her neck. He was full an happy Zyon licked his jaws again and laid on his back to see the nice bulge she gave him though Tyra still insisted on squirming inside his stomach which wasn't making her situation better Zyon watched with happy grin on his face as his prey moving around inside felt nice especially one this big Zyon's stomach began to churn, gurgle, and, groan as his stomach starts to digest his meal.

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