Frequently asked questions

Q: What should I do if I have feedback about the site or encounter a problem?

A: You can give general feedback about the site or tell us about the problem you are having by clicking the Feedback button in the top right of Furiffic.

Q: Am I able to block specific types of art?

A: Yes. We have implemented a feature called "Anti Filter", which allows you to filter out submissions that contain certain tags. You can set your Anti Filter settings by clicking your username at the right side of the navigation bar, selecting Preferences, and adding tags you would like to exclude in the Anti Filter box.

Q: What is an advanced subscription to a tag?

A: The Advanced Subscription box can be found on the Media Preferences window ([Username]>Preferences>Media). By subscribing to a specific tag, you will receive a notification any time a submission is uploaded containing this tag.

Q: How do I upload my art?

A: Once you have logged in, you will need to click your Username Drop down and Scroll down to "Upload Submission." Click on "Upload Submission." Once here you can click in the box and browse your local computer for items to upload.

Q: What file types am I allowed to upload?

A: The site currently supports, the following formats: Media(.gif .jpg .jpeg .png .bmp .tiff); Textual(.doc .docx .rtf .pdf .txt); Flash(.swf .flv); Audio(.mp3); Video(.mp4).

Q: Can I upload art by another artist?

A: You may upload art that was made for you (i.e. commissions, art trades, gift arts/requests, etc.) if you have permission from the artist. You must link back to the original artist- don't take credit for work that isn't yours!

Q: How do I post account icons to comments or journals?

A: Click the 4th icon from the left on the editor, "Insert/Edit Profile Link". Then type the username of the user's icon you wish to add.

Q: Is Adult/Mature art allowed on Furiffic?

A: Yes, although to view it you must have an account, and then you must manually switch the Mature Content Feature on. This can be found under your Preferences.

Q: How do I favourite a submission?

A: There are a lot of buttons along the bottom right of the screen, just below Info/Comments/Favourites, the far left one that has a paw on it is the favourite button.

Q: Something feels broken can it be fixed please?

A: Of course, if you click the Feedback button on the top right of the navigation (Desktop only) and we will look into it asap and get back to you as required.

Q: The site runs on 1 server, will it crash if a lot of new users join?

A: There will be plenty of warning of this impending doom, and it will only take us a few hours to add more servers.

Q: Will you be bought out by IMVU?

A: Well maybe for 5 million a year... Not a chance of this happening, this will stay within the community indefinitely.

Q: Can I upload another artists' work to use as a banner image?

A: ONLY if the Work was made for you. It is against our AUP to upload artwork that was neither made for you or made by you. Banner Images are no exception.

Q: My Mature/Adult submission is not showing up in my gallery, Where is it?

A: Check that you have mature content enabled in your preferences, your own gallery is no exception to this filter.

Q: When linking people to my submissions do i need to copy the whole url?

A: Short answer is no, everything past the question mark is for keeping track of what search you came from and where you were in that search, searchKey and searchIndex is also temporary so they will expire after it becomes inactive.

Q: Do you have a mascot?

A: Yes! We have two,
and .

Q: I would like to show my support, can i donate to Furiffic?

A: Yes all support is welcomed and much appreciated, you can find donation information here

Q: What are requests?

A: Requests are interactions between users for example, "<Someone> has requested that you add the tags 'cookie', 'pie' to your submission <Something i've uploaded>", and "<Someone> has requested that you tag your character in their submission <Some submission>".