Tips and tricks

Featured Picture:

This image acts as a banner for your profile page. Featured pictures are visible to all visitors to the site, and as such should be appropriate for all ages. You can choose the Featured picture's center of focus. To do this, just drag the cross-hairs to the point where you would like it to be focused at.
Size constraints: The optimum minimum size is 200px high by 2,000px wide, though keeping the primary focus of the picture around the center 1,024px.

Profile picture:

Currently only static images are supported, but animated .gif avatars will be supported in the near future.
Avatars are 300x300 px. Your avatar should be appropriate for all ages.
Pixel Art Option: Choose this option to preserve pixelation in your profile picture.

Quick info:

Name: Your name to the community, which you can change this any time.
Species: The species you currently are.
Mood: How are you feeling.
Artist Type: The type of artist you are.
Rank: This shows the member rank, primary for displaying staff members also includes banned and donating members.


You can add any additional information about yourself in this area. This is a good place to include any other information you think people should know, such as fun facts about yourself, your hobbies, etc.

Account Stats:

This area tells you the basic rundown of statistics and views to your page, including the views your page has had in total, how many comments you've received, how long you've been registered on the site for and so on.
Recent Media:
Here shows your most recent submissions to your gallery, and is usually where people would first go to get an overview of your artwork and uploads!
Recent Journals:
Here shows your most recent journals on your profile, and is usually where people would go to get an overview of the things you talk about.
Recent Favourites:
Here shows your most recent submissions that you have favorited.
Recent Subscriptions:
Here shows the most recent profiles you have subscribed to.
A section of your page which allows people to quickly leave you a public message, whether that's thanking for a subscription or fave or just to say hello, here would be a good place to put it.