Acceptable upload policy

Media Restrictions

All media is accepted, except for these involving sexual/graphical of real world media, this includes but not limited to photos displaying Genitalia, porn, child porn, rape, torture and murder.


As a general rule with any media on any site, only upload media that you own or have been given permission to upload by the owner.
Do not use another user's artwork without their written permission. This includes but is not limited to the use of works in Collages, and tracing other users' works.
You are solely responsible for all the items you upload. All users retain the copyright to their artwork they submit.

Submission Ratings

The purpose of these rules is NOT to stifle your artistic vision nor is it meant to heavily restrict your creation.

Tame Content (General Content)

Content under tame would be content suited for all audiences. This means that the rating is U for Universal.
Content under this category should not contain general nudity, sexual acts, violence, the use of drugs, gore, or other mature or adult themes. Textual pieces, or art that contains text must not contain swear words, adult, or sexual themes.

Mature Content

Content under Mature can include tasteful nudity (should not contain erect genitalia, or fluids), mild gore and violence, swear words, mild drug use or other material not suited for a younger audience. This category should not contain explicit sexual acts, or other adult or extremely gory/violent content.

Adult Content

A piece of artwork will be considered adult content if the artwork contains sexual acts of any depiction such as but is not limited to: erect genitalia, sexual fluids, sexual intercourse. As well as themes of extremely violent acts, heavy abuse of drugs and other more extreme themes, or the general nature of the piece is horrific and could disturb non adult audiences.

Prohibited Content

- Depictions of Minors or perceived[1] to be Minors[2] taking place in sexual or heavily mature acts and poses in any medium is Forbidden.

[1]The final decision comes down to the moderator.
[2]This includes Loli, shota and cub characters.