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 Hi! My fursona name is Felia but just call me Feli (Fee-Lee). I'm a very talkative fur so if you ever want to chit chat please don't be afraid to message me or anything! I love to draw digital art as well as just on paper and I watch anime a LOT. I guess I should just tell you my hobbies and such!
I love reading, my favorite book is the outsiders! I enjoy walking in the woods and listen to music. My favorite bands are Korn and System of a Down.

I don't like judgmental people and if you get an attitude with me, just know I'll bite back!

Anyway~ I hope to enjoy my time on here! Love you all [emot=16]


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Male · Werewolf · Pansexual · Sagittarius
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Nicknames Lukey Boy, Wolf, Doggy, Lulu
Luke is a lazy, kind and bi-polar wolf. He has trouble containing himself sometimes and oh yeah.....
31/05/2016 13:14


Female · Wolf-huskey · Questioning · Virgo
Role-playing Yes
30/05/2016 16:41


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Ezra Berei

Species: panda-bear
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Felia Direcoon posted

26/08/2016 00:28

Anyone up for roleplay?
"I'm boooooooooard." Felia groans with anger.

Ty Wolvington! posted to Felia Direcoon

27/06/2016 15:05

Howl! Ty Wolvington here! Thanx for the subscription! I'm  always happy to meet new friends. My main purpose on this site is RP, since I have been doing it for years! I enjoy bringing new friends into Ty's wild world ( Zootopia- it's easier to imagine talking animals). Please read Ty's bio and journals to get an idea as to who Ty is.

Ty Wolvington! · 27/06/2016 17:06

If you feel you would like to RP sometime, feel free to give this wolf a howl. Until then, welcome to Furrific! Woof!

Felia Direcoon posted

31/05/2016 21:55

I'll be making a comic soon! It will inclue Felia and Vaniety. The story will take you through the days of their love that had crumbled beneath them. THIS IS CANON FOR MY CHARACTER. IN THE AU I ROLEPLAY NOW, FELIA IS WITH EZRA.

Felia Direcoon posted

24/05/2016 15:08

"I'm so bored, someone notice me!"

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