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Luke was raised by a Single mother after his father had mysteriously disappeared. As Luke grew, he became a very gentle boy. He would never hurt anyone in his small village. Until he turned 12. His mother always warned him about his anger and tried to keep it under control but when he saw a girl being pushed around by other children, it made his boil with pure anger...He suddenly felt pain and it all went black. 
When he was awake he was in his mothers arms, she was running. He had no clue what happened as he groaned in pain, looking to his body seeing blood. It wasn't his...He then knew what monster he was. A werewolf.
Before he knew it his mother fell. He struggled to get from under her, seeing an arrow to her head. It was too late for her. Luke gasped in fear and sadness as his eyes focused on the shooter. A soldier that protected the village. Luke's grass green orbs turned a yellow shade as he begin to loose control again...Before his mothers face appeared in his vision. The flash of her memory made him run. He began to run as fast as he could, tears making it a struggle to avoid obstacles. Before he knew it, he had ran into a cave. He decided he'd ran enough and would sleep there for the night.

When the male awoke, he was met by Green eyes like his. A beautiful woman with blonde hair was hovering over him, smiling kindly. "O-oh, I'm sorry. This must be your cave." The 12 year old comments, quickly getting up and beginning to leave. "Wait." The woman said simply. He stopped and turned his head to her, his back still facing her. "I can bring her back...Your mother." By this point, Luke knew what this beautiful woman was. A witch. His mother always told him, never mess with witches, for all they bring is trouble...But the boy was desperate. He was desperate to see his mother. "What do you want me to do?" He asked blankly, knowing there would be a catch to bringing her back. "Be my little helper." She insisted. it was a deal. He had sold 10 years to the witch just to see his mother again.
On his 22nd birthday he was awoke by the aroma of sweet wine. He opened his jade orbs to see the witch he had grown to know and love like a mother figure. She was carrying a satchel of some strange Ambrosia that Luke seemed to need just by the smell. "Whats that?" The man asks, getting up to smile at the woman. "A gift. It is your birthday after all." 
~To be continued~

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1. He eventually gets cursed to immortality (Only to watch all the people he loves die).
2. He journeys to find his father.
3. Has had 3 lovers whom all died.

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He is missing one arm due to a rock crushing in during an avalanche.

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Luke is a lazy, kind and bi-polar wolf. He has trouble containing himself sometimes and oh yeah...Don't let him drink unless you want to see a streaker.

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