Aiden the Rabbit is feeling Tired
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Aiden - 20 - Genderfluid(they/them pronouns please!) - Cub/littlefur artist
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Requests: Maybe. Feel free to pitch an idea at me, but don't be surprised if I say no.

Trades: Open [Regardless of skill level]

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I've been in the furry community for around 7-8 years under a few different aliases. My story is pretty boring, I just really enjoy animals and have always liked anthropomorphic characters in media, so I took to being a furry pretty much as soon as I learned the term. I'm also a (clean/SFW) littlefur/cub and have been just as long. I'm pretty quiet/shy but feel free to message me if you want!

My main fursona is Aiden, and is pretty much based around me as a furry. They are a young (usually around preschool-age, but can and will be drawn older or younger) rabbit cub and do not particularly identify with any sort of gender, instead expressing themselves however they please in-the-moment. They are open, friendly, and curious, but can be a little shy and don't normally approach strangers on their own. They also have big imagination and love to learn about new things, so can often be seen with their nose buried in a book.

In addition to Aiden, I also have a wide range of characters I may draw from time-to-time, although I don't have a main list/roster right now. A lot of them are based around ideas/concepts I want to play with, or parts of myself/others I know.


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