Shetani the Cheetah
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Shetani || she/her || king cheetah || east coast, USA

Hey, I'm Shetani!

I've been an "official" member of the furry fandom since 2012, and fursuiting since 2014! You may have seen me at Anthrocon or FA:U in the past, or some other cons on the East Coast.
I have little to no artistic ability, so anything you see here will almost always be commissioned work drawn by others.

I do have a lovely fursuit made by MagpieBones! Look for me at a con near you!

I use these other sites more frequently, so follow me there:


Hope you enjoy your stay! 馃惥

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Anthrocon 2017 Meme

Don't like reading? Watch it here in video format! {} Q: Where are you staying? A: The Westin again! Q: What day are you getting there and how long are you staying? A: I'm arriving Wednesday evening and leaving early Monday morning! Q: Who will you be...
8 months ago


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Meats posted to Shetani

1 month ago

 look at this thing i can do here

Shetani1 month ago2 Replies

well I can do this

Meats1 month ago

oohh .. you can do sticker packs here 8O

Shetani1 month ago

and you can prevent randos from using them!

Shetani posted

8 months ago

hey y'all nerds

I'm gonna start reuploading some of my art here. Not everything - there's way too much - but just the pieces I like best. (There's still gonna be a lot.)

I've queued a few of them up, so you should get a piece every other day or so instead of a giant torrent of my face all at once. You're welcome.

goaty posted to Shetani

9 months ago

took ya larng enough

Shetani9 months ago

they sent me an unsolicited email and it was creepy!

Shetani9 months ago

whatEVER i am here now :I