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Shetani is Shetani
Photo by DINKIN
Fursuit by MagpieBones

Ancient Wolf · 31/08/2018 21:54 · 4 Replies

♥  Interesting play of light and shadow. :) Good photo!

Maybe one day you could get a full-body suit like this gal.  She's on Deviant Art, too... this is probably my favorite photo of hers because I like the expression and pose. Just a thought. :)

And not trying to be creepy or anything...you do have a nice figure, so I think you could pull off wearing a full suit, if you wanted to. :)

The lady who made the Cherry Bear fursuit can be found here on Fur Affinity in case you're wondering.

Shetani · 01/09/2018 06:04

Thank you for the compliment! I am very happy with my fursuit from MagpieBones, and have no intentions of getting another one or adding a bodysuit to my costume. I specifically chose a partial suit because my fursona is never naked, and it wouldn't make sense for me to get a bodysuit only to cover it up with more layers of clothing.

I also dislike the notion held by many that everyone with a partial surely must aspire to get a fullsuit one day, and is just making do in the meantime. Sadly, the terms coined by our community leads many to believe that a partial suit is "incomplete," or less than a fullsuit. They are simply two different styles of costume, each with their own features and merits!

Ancient Wolf · 01/09/2018 07:16

Um, I have to admit that I know very little about fursuits and that whole aspect of the fandom (I'm learning about this kinda late in life). I would imagine that people get involved into the whole fursuit thing (full, partial, whatever) according to their tastes, abilities, and so forth. I wasn't suggesting that you had to eventually "move up" to a full one, since I don't know quite yet what your interests are (other than just what I see on here), though I think I'm kinda starting to. Nothing wrong with what you have chosen to do, I just want to be clear on that, so please don't take offense due to my lack of understanding. :) In one of the comments posted on that other lady’s photos (the bear), somebody said that originally fursuits in the U.S. started out like hers, but once they “went mainstream”, they started becoming more like brightly colored cartoony mascots, while those in Europe are still like that one lady’s. I did not know that until today. About the closest I’ve ever come to seeing somebody “in character” was at the Delecon-1 convention in Kansas City, MO, back in 1991. It was a young woman dressed up as a feline-type alien (I’ve got a photo, which I'll provide a link to), and I think it was more makeup and such than anything on her face. A fair amount of artistry went into that. I’ve got it posted on my SoFurry account (that’s where I’ve been posting my works for the past 6+ years).


One other thing I’d like to clarify is that I'm not into porn (it just doesn't interest me), which you might be able to tell from my artwork--some might be "suggestive", but I stay away from outright porn simply because there is so dang much of it (the majority of it crudely drawn at best), and I prefer to “buck the trend” by drawing and writing what I do. I have drawn one character in a "tasteful" nude (can't see anything because of how the character is standing), but what artist worth being called one hasn't done figure studies to learn how to draw anatomy? I'm content to write my stories (they're "clean") and draw my characters as realistically as I can make them, though I’m always trying to improve.

Shetani · 02/09/2018 04:31

No offense taken, and I do apologize if my tone led you to believe such! Admittedly, the topic is a bit of a sore spot for me. While I wouldn't exactly say that statement about fursuit styles is 100% accurate, there is a nugget of truth in it. Trends have changed over the years, and regardless of location, what currently garners the most attention is full-body costumes of colorful and cartoony styled characters. I'm an avid con-goer and I have seen partial suiters get snubbed or not receive as much attention as fullsuiters. There's also the little things - folks will say "oh, I just have a partial suit" or "I can't afford a fullsuit right now so I only have a partial."

Regarding my personal preference, a lot of it is practicality as well. My fursuit maker doesn't do bodysuits, only partials, and I knew that going into the commission process. Fursuit bodies are very warm, and if I were to wear one, I wouldn't be able to suit as long or enjoy myself as much as I currently do. Placing clothes over that would further restrict range of motion and make the ventilation situation even worse. I don't know how some fullsuiters manage it, particularly the ones with lots of padding! There's a lot more that goes into maintaining a fullsuit as well. It's harder to transport, keep clean, and I would be heavily reliant on others to get into and out of suit. If I gained or lost any weight, the bodysuit wouldn't fit anymore, and I'd have to stop suiting - you don't need to worry about that with a partial. It all comes down to personal preference in the end. Just as I chose a realistic style suit instead of a toony style, partial over fullsuit was simply another stylistic choice I made.

I didn't intend the "my fursona is never naked" to be a commentary on adult content - just trying to illustrate the redundancy of an extra layer of fabric added to the costume - though that is another point. My fursona is extremely similar to myself in all ways but species, and I'm very uncomfortable with the idea of people online "getting their jollies" to a depiction of me in any shape or form. If you take a look through my gallery, you'll see that I take pains to ensure my fursona is never drawn or photographed in a pose or situation that could be interpreted as anything beyond a PG rating. Nothing against others who enjoy those aspects, I fully support and empower them! There are plenty of folks out there eager to consume and supply mature content, but you won't find any of it here.

P.S. If you have the means to do so, you really should see about attending a furry convention one of these days. A lot has changed since 1991, and I'm sure you'd really enjoy yourself. :)

Ancient Wolf · 02/09/2018 05:11

Live and learn. :)

I can imagine that they'd get rather hot and stuffy. Aside from having been in the military and spending time in places like jungles, deserts, very cold water, and such, I have some practical experience with having to wear stuff most people won't (like flak vests and body armor). Also, I've done a lot of historical re-enactments and living history (wearing heavy wool uniforms on a civil war canon crew in the humid summer, to wearing armor for medieval or renaissance periods).

I'm not against "adult" stuff, per se, it's just doesn't interest me. I've had some people want me to write an x-rated version of my "Family Tails" story, which I flat out refused because (1) it wouldn't be appropriate for the story, and (2) I'm not comfortable writing that...probably for much the same reason as why you don't want your fursona to be thought of that way, plus I like to stick with a wider audience (my stories are "G" to "PG13").

If I can get up enough funds to do so, I'd like to go to one of the cons and set up a booth to sell some prints and books. I have fans in 39 countries, and on SoFurry alone I currently have 546,494 page views, so there are folks out there who like what I do. :)

Anyway, we do what we do because we enjoy it--when it ceases to be a joy, then it's time to hang it up and do something else. :) I have no desire yet to stop writing and drawing (actually, I have a strong desire to complete the telling of this epic story arc that encompasses several books, but that's a discussion for another time)--I hope you will continue to enjoy what you do for...as long as you enjoy doing it. :)

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