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Shetani loves taking selfies with her pet kitty. Posing with cats is easy enough - getting them to look at the camera is the hard part!

Shetani is Shetani
Art by camsdragon

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Funny that you should mention "catnip"...one of my characters, YM2 (Yeoman, Petty Officer 2nd Class) Felix Canberra, who is a tuxedo cat G.E.L.F. (Genetically Engineered Life Form) has been known to drink alcoholic beverages based on fermented catnip juice. The ship's medic, HMC (Hospital Corpsman, Chief Petty Officer) Mindy Sorrel, who is a mouse G.E.L.F., sarcastically commented, "Cats...just can't stay away from that juice!" one time when Felix was in la-la-land after drinking some while on liberty. She gave him a dose of detox meds and had him sleep on a bio bed in Sickbay for the night. Moira, the ship's A.I. entity, sent her android avatar in to stay with Felix out of concern. It was sort of a humorous situation, though the way Moira was concerned about his well-being was touching. Here's an excerpt from the end of chapter 2 of "Daggers of Darkness Book 1: Into the Black"...

“If it is alright with you, I would like to sit with Felix tonight. I will be quiet.”

Mindy looked at Moira’s android avatar, quickly studying her face, seeing what appeared to her as a child-like expression of expectancy.

“Sure, Moira. He’ll probably sleep soundly tonight.”

“Thank you, Chief. I will wake you if there should be an unforeseen change in his condition.”

Mindy nodded her head once, and then turned off the overhead light; the blue night-sight preserving lights were the only other lights on, besides the instrument panel over Canberra’s bio-bed, and other indicator lights. Moira placed a stool over next to the bio-bed, adjusted its height, and sat down. Mindy peeked through the curtain out of curiosity, in time to see Moira place her hand over Canberra’s. She smiled when Moira said with a quiet, almost mother-like tone,

“Hush now my child,

and take your rest,   

I wrap you close in my wings,

shielding you from the storm.

Tomorrow I will carry you

into the vault of the sky

Where we shall fly unhindered,

in joy and wonder,

Among the stars we call home.”

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