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To date, this is my favorite art piece of Shetani I've received throughout my time in the fandom.
The serenity of the lighting and facial expression, the unparalleled realism, the rich attention to detail, and the motif of honeysuckle flowers - all come together to create an exceptional piece that holds great significance to me and which I'll be proud to show off for many years to come.
KittyKathy is an outstanding artist who deserves much more attention, and I highly suggest you take a look at her work and consider following her.

A bit of background - the honeysuckle is my favorite flower, and I've endeavored to adopt it as my/Shetani's signature. I use honeysuckle perfume on special occasions and even found a honeysuckle-scented fursuit spray to use with my fursuit!
Honeysuckle flowers are associated with some of my most treasured memories growing up, so they have a lot of personal meaning to me.
Throughout history and in various cultures, the honeysuckle's flowers and vines have been used to signify:

- devoted affection in the form of a lover’s embrace

- protection from evil, and inducing dreams of love and passion

- the joy of living, verbalization, expression

- following one's path and attracting sweetness in life

- quelling homesickness and feelings of nostalgia

- happiness

Shetani is Shetani
Art by KittyKathy

Ancient Wolf ยท 8 months ago

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