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It's time for Mini-Shetani to trim the tree, with the help of Mini-Mika! Be careful up there! 馃巹

These figures of my partner's and my fursonas were made a couple Christmases ago by a good friend, and I think they're just the cutest. Mika recently got a bit of a makeover, which prompted me to start doing more with them. They need to be shown off!
(Psst - Meats takes commissions for these! Hit 'em up for one of your own!)

Shetani is Shetani
Mika is larchus
Figurines by Meats

Ancient Wolf7 months ago4 Replies

Cool display. ♥

Shetani7 months ago

Thanks! They usually sit on a shelf together holding matching hearts, but I like to do cute diorama-type things with them for the holidays. Here is one I did for Halloween which I didn't post to Furiffic.

Ancient Wolf7 months ago

I checked it out...heh, for some reason it reminded me of a scene from "The Corpse Bride" when the guy gets dragged down to the Underworld (or whatever they called it in that movie). That was a hilariously twisted movie, IMO. :-D  Well, it was by Tim Burton after all...  ;)

Shetani7 months ago

I love the combination creepy/cute of that movie!

Ancient Wolf7 months ago

Yep, me, too. :)

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