adagadeprata the Lion
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

The wall

-English (by Google Translator)[lb] [lb] For some time now I have come across the wall of life[lb] Contemplating its infinite vastness in all directions[lb] I see people running around it
3 weeks ago

May be taking a break soon

Just to say to my friends and those who may be interested, I will take a break on commissions, trades and the like for a while
1 month ago

Merry Christmas

[lb] Merry Christmas[lb] [lb] Unlike November, this month I was rather quiet…[lb] Sorry about it and the belated journal
4 months ago


[lb] [align=center]
5 months ago


[lb] [align=center]
5 months ago


Wow! Two journals in a month? That's new! ^^;;[lb] [lb] Just to kep things updated, I think >
6 months ago


Hello again! [lb] Just wante to say to my friends and watchers that I've been busy these days
6 months ago

October Updates and Commissions Open [Oct/20]

Hello there, friends!   [lb]   [lb] Hope everyone is fine on your questings
7 months ago

Monthly Updates

Hello there! Here is your generic hobbyist guy again! ^w^ Just wanted to say thank you for all the support! I really wish I could answer all comments and thank you all individually for the watches, subscriptions, favorites and like (or the likes, lol)
9 months ago