Lyrra the Cat is feeling Lazy
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Well, hello there! My name is Sisela, alias Lyrra :3 I'm a hobby artist that likes to play games! From sweden and I love cookies .o.

Please fill this out if you want to commission or request something from me!

Commissions on hold, working on something I have an urge to do

Pending commissions will have a slow progress due to this. I apologize for the inconvenience!



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Important announcement!

All commissions and requests that you people have asked me to do but I have yet to draw will be deleted. This is only due to stress and a creative block. I don't know when I will be opening my commissions and requests again.. So, with this announcement I will start anew. I will only do the ones t...
21/09/2015 15:25

Commissions on halt

I'm sorry for the slow progress on the commissions I got queued... I don't feel too good right now.. Drawing keeps it at bay, but getting forced to draw just 'that'.. I can't right now.. I really hope that I will feel better soon, but I will let this take the time it needs. I apologize for the in...
26/08/2015 18:18


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Saucy C. Mc.Fuzzy

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Cody Zimmerman posted to Lyrra

09/08/2015 16:13

Herro~ ^.^

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