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I do tend to neglect this site, but I am going to try and have some content on here.  You can find most of what I do on deviantArt, ( for photographs, and for everything else) where I post pictures, stories, and made-up alphabets (yes really).  I'm listing myself as an improving artist since the stuff I've made in the past is definitely cruddier than the stuff I am doing now.  Not everything I do is furry, and of that not all of it ends up here, but I do try to keep a sense of fun in everything I do.


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Just imported a bunch of stuff from furaffinity. I had two .pdf files selected, and they don't seem to have traveled; just the preview image. I'll upload something maybe using the sites story function. That does seem to be what I'm focussing on, at least when I'm doing anything productive instead...
19/05/2016 19:35


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The Hussar called Hastur

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26/07/2015 23:46

How is it possible that I have six favorites and none of them are gay?

ancusmitis · 27/07/2015 02:01

Ah, that's better...

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18/07/2015 09:31

I have no idea what to do here lol

ancusmitis · 18/07/2015 11:45

"I like the face" aww shit, please tell me I can edit my journals

ancusmitis · 18/07/2015 11:47

Ah, okay, I figured that one out.  Wasn't a journal.  LOL.  But seriously, we can edit those, right?

Bun Fluffpaws · 18/07/2015 15:58

Heya there, just read over you profile description and i'm going to look into that disappearing issue, and as for journals yes those are editable, profile posts are not editable as of yet though.

Bun Fluffpaws · 18/07/2015 16:08

Found and fixed that disappearing issue, it will be available in the next update. Thank you for spotting that.

ancusmitis · 18/07/2015 17:24

Yay!  Thank you.