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My name is Aoi and I'm a Dutch Angel Dragon! I'm a huge fan of Sony and Yandere Simulator!

My full name is Aoi Ryugoku and I'm the Enforcer of the Student Council at Akademi High! I'm Fanon Aoi, a fanmade version of the real Aoi Ryugoku from Yandere Simulator! Ah, yes. I'm capable of seeing beyond the fourth wall! Heh heh. Due to an experiment gone wrong, your pal Aoi is able to transform into a dragon! I have both a dragon form and a human form. How cool is that? Anyways, the real Aoi aka Canon Aoi Ryugoku is my hero and precious dragon bean! I look up to her!






Dutch Angel Dragon



Sony, Yandere Simulator, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Video Games, Japan, Art



You can find me on several websites, both furry and non-furry. All the links in my contact information section seem to work except for YouTube so I'll just give you all the links here as well just in case: YouTube, DeviantArt, Furry Network, Twitter, Weasyl.


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Furiffic is Back!!

I'm so glad that Furiffic is back again! I know it might not last forever but for as long as it remains up, I will continue to enjoy the living crap outta it because I really love this site! It's really fun and unique, and I don't get why it isn't popular and doesn't have that much activity. I wi...
2 days ago

Aoi's Commissions

Hello, everyone! I do commissions! I accept Amino coins and DA Points. Dragons, canines, protogens, and some other commission types have set prices. If your commission request is not on my commissions list, the price may vary depending on the species and difficulty. You can check out my commissio...
2 weeks ago


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Megami (Lioness)

Female · Lioness · Lesbian ·
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Nicknames Meg, Meggie, Queen Saikou
Megami the Lioness is the president of the Student Council at Akademi High. She's an elegant, bra...
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Aoi (Eastern Dragon)

Female · Eastern dragon · Lesbian ·
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Nicknames One eyed freak, Aoi bean, Dragon bean
Aoi is a tough and badass blue Eastern Dragon.
2 weeks ago


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Marie Raenboe

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Thank you kindly for the watch here too!