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Akane the Phoenix is another one of TheSonyFanGirl1/AoiTheDragon's fursonas. Akane is the secretary of the Student Council at Akademi High. There isn't much to say about her other than that she is friendly, gentle and caring. She always smiles and is one of Aoi the Dutchie's best friends and gets along well with every Student Council member. However, it is rumored that she does have a bit of a dark side on the inside. Not many have seen that side of her. According to the Student Council, she mostly shows her dark side whenever someone is being a bully or is being a jerk to one of the Student Council members in her presence. You do not want to make this bird angry or you will say goodbye to her friendly attitude and smile. This bird's dark side will show if you make her angry and she can become quite aggressive and much stronger than she usually is. Be careful!

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Secretary of the Student Council at Akademi High.


182.88 Meters ยท 600 Feet

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Akane the Phoenix is the secretary of the Student Council at Akademi High. A very friendly bird.

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