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Furiffic on Mobile

Okay, that's it. Furiffic is now my absolute FAVORITE furry site! I already loved it but I love it even more now as it has earned a very special place in my heart! It's just so fun to use and there's such an amazing and fun community on here! I decided to actually try out Furiffic on mobile and e...
3 hours ago

Different Species Are Coming Up!

Hey, everyone! It's your dragon pal Aoi here and I'm very excited to announce that a lot of the upcoming commissions that I will be posting feature different species that aren't on my commissions list! Some examples are a hyena, a pride commission and a snake. I'm really happy that I've taken a s...
3 days ago
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Suggest Fursuit Poses!!

Hey, everyone! It's your dragon pal Aoi here and I thought it would be super fun to let you all suggest poses to me for future fursuit photos! ANYONE can suggest me a pose or prop! Literally anyone! You can suggest anything to me and I'll see if I can pull it off and you'll get a shoutout as well...
5 days ago

Realizing Something Cool

Okay, so I just realized that Furiffic allows story/text uploads as well as video uploads, just like another site I use called Furry Network. That's honestly super cool and I think I'll be uploading a lot of my videos and story stuff here now too! HECK YEAH!! Thank you for being such an awesome a...
1 week ago
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Thank you again, furry fandom!
3 months ago
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Dear Furry Fandom...Thank You

Just wanna say thank you, furry fandom. Thank you for making me feel accepted, loved, appreciated, safe and letting me be myself without any judgement. This is another main reason why I joined the furry fandom! Every time I feel stressed, anxious, depressed, etc., I always find comfort in the fur...
4 months ago
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Resident Evil Village

Where you at, RE Village furs?!
4 months ago
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Is It Just Me, Or...?

Is it just me or is Furiffic actually becoming more active than it was before? I noticed quite a few new people joined and new content gets posted every day! I really hope it's not just me! If there really is more activity here now, then I'm so happy!! I love Furiffic so much! ♥
5 months ago
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One of My Favorite Things About the Furry Fandom

I love supporting others!
5 months ago
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Furiffic is Back!!

I'm so glad that Furiffic is back again! I know it might not last forever but for as long as it remains up, I will continue to enjoy the living crap outta it because I really love this site! It's really fun and unique, and I don't get why it isn't popular and doesn't have that much activity. I wi...
5 months ago

Aoi's Commissions

Hello, everyone! I do commissions! I accept Amino coins and DA Points. Dragons, canines, protogens, and some other commission types have set prices. If your commission request is not on my commissions list, the price may vary depending on the species and difficulty. You can check out my commissio...
6 months ago