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Suggest Fursuit Poses!!

Published: 6 days ago

Hey, everyone! It's your dragon pal Aoi here and I thought it would be super fun to let you all suggest poses to me for future fursuit photos! ANYONE can suggest me a pose or prop! Literally anyone! You can suggest anything to me and I'll see if I can pull it off and you'll get a shoutout as well for suggesting when I post the pic with your suggestion! This is just a fun thing I really wanna let others do since it's one of my ways of showing how much I love you all and how much I appreciate you! All I ask is that you keep it SFW only! Have fun suggesting things and it doesn't matter if you've already suggested something. You can suggest as much as you want! And remember, ANYONE can suggest me poses, props, etc. for future fursuit photos!! Have fun coming up with amazing, silly, cute and fun poses for your fluffy dragon pal Aoi ♥

Arco the wolfdragon · 6 days ago · 1 Reply

standing on one paw

Aoi The Dragon · 5 days ago

Okay, will do! Thanks for the suggestion!

Duo Theus · 6 days ago · 1 Reply

These just random various poses, or is there a theme or mood to be used as well?

Aoi The Dragon · 5 days ago

What if I told you that's also entirely up to you? Because it is! Whether it's a random pose, theme, don't matter! Go wild, mate! :D

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