A very long time ago, Aoi was invited to the Science Club by Kaga Kusha. He wanted her to test out one of his 'super cool' new inventions. Aoi agreed but the experiment went horribly wrong. The machine malfunctioned and Aoi got zapped while inside the machine! Though surprisingly, the zap caused zero pain to Aoi! When all the smoke and bright light vanished, Kaga saw that Aoi was a...DRAGON!!

"Ugh...What the heck just happened...?" Aoi said as she stood up. When she looked at herself, she was completely different! "HUH?! KAGA!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!"

"I, uh...Transformed you into a dragon! Although that wasn't my plan..." Kaga replied.

"Wait...A dragon?! HECK YEAH!!" All of Aoi's anger disappeared and she was actually quite happy!

Kaga looked at his monitor and discovered something interesting. "Yes, a dragon! You can transform into a dragon whenever you want! BUT..."

"But what?" Aoi replied.

"You won't be able to transform into a dragon if you aren't wearing your Student Council armband, Aoi. It appears the machine has stored magical powers inside of your armband. Without it, you won't be able to transform!" Kaga responded.

"Oh...I see. Interesting..." Aoi replied.

"Certainly! Oh, and this should go without saying but you can transform back to your human form whenever you want as well." He replied.

"Okay. Thanks, Kaga! I'm actually quite happy! Heh heh! This is so darn cool!" She replied. Aoi then turned back to her human form.

And from that moment forward, Aoi is able to transform into a dragon whenever she wants to! Specifically, a Dutch Angel Dragon. Well, as long as she has her Student Council armband...

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A short story about how your dragon pal Aoi got her dragon powers!

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