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I charge really low prices for commissions, if your ever interested send me a note~ Any money made from art will go straight to the gofundme in my earlier post :3 heres a link to my prices (prices are the same for any site, im just too lazy to post it on them >w<)
05/11/2015 01:31

Help needed

So my big bro bro orion is having a really hard time right now and can really use financial assistance from the community, i decided to draw this as an advertisement because i really care about these people and only want whats best for them. I want to help fund their gofundme so that orion (right...
28/10/2015 02:45


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Azure Jay Clover

Male · Foxal (fox+jackal) · Gay · Libra
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Nicknames azure
An energetic and playful foxal (fox+jackal) always looking for new friends~
05/11/2015 01:32


azureclover posted

28/10/2015 02:43

my friends really need help, check here for details

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14/09/2015 02:05

hey guys..just wanted to say this.. put it bluntly, i have a horrible life where i am with very abusive parents, they have ruined my life since the beginning and im trying to get out by any means necessary..

I mean nothing just the family fag and failure ;c

Things have started off bad in my life as is, but as the years progress things just keep getting worse, and now its at the point where my family can barely even leave town bc they cant pay for gas as we're far away from any town, we live in the middle of nowhere, can barely even pay for gas, and now ive gotten word that my family might be homeless in some years bc they cant meet the expectations of the bills..

ive been really depressed and even suicidal bc of everything that has been happening and i was wondering if anyone who sees this could either help me escape or send word to others about my plea..

my name is alexander from louisiana, 18yo

  (and ik what people are going to say about my age, before you ask no i dont have any friends irl..and i cant even afford to get a car considering we cant even pay for the trailer we live in

any help is dearly appreciated :c

azureclover posted

14/09/2015 01:58

I uploaded all files from my FA acct o3o

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