Every day is exactly the same
I am now Five
I wake up to my wonderful family
Beautiful mother, Hardworking father, Lovely sister
All ready to start the day
Living in the trailer park
Blind to the truth

Every day is exactly the same
I am now Seven
I wake up in my new wheelchair
Mother, Father, and Sister
"Always there for me even when im hurt"
"Moving out of town you say?"
"To a place thats not as dark?"
Blind to the truth

Every day is exactly the same
I am now 14
I wake up with a cast on my arm
"Another fight, again? Whats wrong with you?"
Irritating mother, Drunken father, Annoying sister
"Maybe they'll like me like before if I try harder"
New school, new town
Blind to the truth

Every day is exactly the same
I am now 17
I wake up to my first day of college
"He'll never make it, why cant he be more like her"
Irritating mother, Drunken father, Missing sister
Finding lies in every sentence, in every word
Blind to the truth

Today is exactly the same
I am now 18
I wake up just like every other day
dreamless, lifeless, depressed
"What the fuck is wrong with you? You are'nt my son"
Bitch mother, Bum father, Thieving sister
These are my final words to you

I see the truth, as plain as day
The secrets and lies you have hidden
The hatred, the deciet, the horrors in waiting
Because of you I see the truth
Because of you life has no meaning

Now as i still live
While you live your happy lives
Ill escape among the crowd
Erased, Vanished, and Soon Forgotten
I will finally be free

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Ive been really depressed lately so i decided to get back into making poetry, hope you enjoy!

Its been a really long time since i did poetry so im a little rusty atm
The ending might be confusing to some

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