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I'm a Maltese tiger (that's the ones that are a grayish color now but used to be an actual Blue and i go with the blue coloring) I'm a big old Crinkle butt due to medical need but I also enjoy the ABDL life as it's fun, comforting, and a great stress reliever. I am currently in college and so stressed about passing that even partaking in the ABDL life is having little effect on it. I'm a writer by hobby and plan to post all my stories here eventually I mostly write fan fictions but i have two WIP's that are original content.

Any ART I POST that is not written is done so because I am the owner of said images. either from commissioning them or they were done as gifts/request wins. Some of them will actually be cover pictures for my stories while others might be scenes from them without ever being put onto the cover page.

I like to RP but have little time to do it consistently. however if you do end up in my good graces and are an RP partner please be patient if i don't get back to you. Like I said I'm in college and it's stressful enough as is. I will RP just about anything the only real rules i have for it are, 1) do NOT try deciding my actions for me with my character. 2) I will not RP Vore, Rape, or relationships with actual minors. If it is an ABDL Rp and I am in a caretaker role of an ADULT who is pretending to be a baby that is different. and for safety sake and NO MISCONCEPTIONS the person HAS TO BE 18 no younger to do anything adult with. 3) BE PATIENT. 4) abuse of my characters or attempts to do things that would break rules 1 or 2 will be not appreciated and I will drop it like a hot brick and cut off the RP. 5) I like to know the person I am RP'ing with a bit before I even consider an RP and also prefer to discuss the RP before hand to "agree" on what kind, and how to go about it.


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