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Character design for totodice c: Name: Eramin Species: Rubriary Dragon Personality: Arrogant, Abrasive, Cocky Rubriary dragon Professor in Odarriya that teaches Dragon Magic. He's quite racist and views dragons as being better than every other species. Eramin tends to ignore or insult any species that isn't a dragon, but is very hospitable to other dragons, even going out of his way to help if they need it. Though he tends to be very unlikeable to most if not all non-dragons, his status as a master of Draconic magic is well known to many and is never refuted. Rubriary dragons are part of my bestiary, you can take a look to it: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/blitzdrachin/folder/337497/Sifyros-Bestiary

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