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The Alklade live in the wetlands on a continent in the southwest known as Thrae. The continent itself is a giant valley that exists within a large island with mountains surrounding the outside, walling off anyone from entering or exiting due to the outside being nothing but ocean and jagged rocks. Ships cannot travel there, so the only way off is by air. Furthermore, the top of the continent is wracked by thunderstorms day in and day out, making even air travel dangerous. 

Alklade have feather wings, tend to wear bands, and while their overall color pallet for what they wear is more rainbow like in design.

The Alklade have a purple gemstone on their forehead and another that rests on the upper portion of their body a bit under the chin. They often as well have rainbow feathers at the tips of their tails.
The Aklade measure roughly 3ft in length when reaching adulthood, or about 0.9 meters.
They are unique in being able to employ "very" low level neutral magic naturally, allowing them a form of telekinesis in order to lift and carry objects around without the need of hands. The Alklade are very alien to the other races of Edarel due to only learning of them recently. The Alklade themselves only learned about magic after leaving the continent of Thrae that they came from. Despite that, because of their intrinsic nature and naturally born magic use, they make for fairly strong mages. Their bodies prevent them from being very capable fighters as a whole, but thanks to their flight abilities and body shape, they can be extremely fast and difficult to hit.
HP: G (1)
MP: A (6)
Pow: E (3)
Mag: B (5)
Def: E (3)
Res: B (5)
Spd: S (7)

They are nearly always Dragon/Thunder, but outside influence and breeding can, very rarely, result in other side types. They always have dragon as a main type though.

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