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Full HD NSFW versions are available on my discord by supporting me in Patreon
(in case you cannot enter my discord, PM me on patreon)

By supporting me on patreon this month (February 2020), you get:

$5 tier:
-Comic pages: Page 20, page 21, page 22, page 23.
-Access to private art streams on my discord server

Gay Lucario x Charizard
Gangbang on F Vaporeon
Gay Helioptile x Heliolisk
Straight Lucario x Lucario
Female NSFW version of this pic.

$10 tier:
-Pics from previous months (HD Version).
-Everything from $5 tier but including the alt gay/straight version of this pic. (male version on this case)
-Access to all my comics (HD Version).

$25 tier:
-Everything, including all my animations!

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