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HD and NSFW versions are available in my Patreon
(in case you cannot enter my discord, PM me on patreon)

By supporting me on patreon this month (February 2020), you get:

$5 tier:
-Comic pages: Page 20, page 21, page 22, page 23.
-Access to private art streams on my discord server

-Bonus discord pics:
Gay Lucario x Charizard
Gangbang on F Vaporeon
Gay Helioptile x Heliolisk
Straight Lucario x Lucario
Female Salugia
This Pic

$10 tier:
-Pics from previous months (HD Version).
-Everything from $5 tier but including the alt gay/straight version of this pic.
-Access to all my comics (HD Version).

$25 tier:
-Everything, including all my animations!

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